Hello and a warm welcome ! My name is Alain Schneuwly and I am a photography enthusiast and consultant. My work over the last 20+ years has given me the opportunity to live, travel and photograph many places around 5 continents.
For me photography is a way to relax, express my emotions and share my view of the world as a simple witness.
Thank you for your visit and all the best.

Terminal 3

Manila - Day 3

Wrapping up, time to head back home. The memories of these three days on the streets of Manila will stay long with me.

The Voice - the Streets of Makati in Manila

The Streets of Manila. Having a great time, meeting interesting characters.

Boarding AK0705 to Singapore

Safely travelling the KLIA Express

Nothing like Dad - Flight MH21 from Paris to KL

Going home, leaving Paris on MH

Goodbye Paris, going home tomorrow.

Tonight we got a bit closer to Paradise!

Hippolyte le bienheureux!

Le Pen, Pire & Fille

This is Paris!

That was Istanbul

500 posts!

500 posts!

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