Hello and a warm welcome ! My name is Alain Schneuwly and I am a photography enthusiast and consultant. My work over the last 20+ years has given me the opportunity to live, travel and photograph many places around 5 continents.
For me photography is a way to relax, express my emotions and share my view of the world as a simple witness.
Thank you for your visit and all the best.

The sleeping cabin of the MRT at mid day.

Hanging out with friends These guys hang out regularly mid late afternoon on Serangoon North Avenue 1. The old guy in the front always sits on the same spot, in the same back breaking position. There are really a funny bunch speaking in dialect mostly and not really interested in engaging with me. I have a tried a few times, they do speak English. I will have to try again. For now they allow me to take their portraits, fair enough :-)

Meet Mr Chee Nam. He runs a small electric service business in our neighbourhood. He was very proud to tell me that his business turns 30 next year as you can see on the 5th photograph. His energy and passion seemed really intact and he was very enthusiastic to show me around his tiny shop crammed with all sort of electric goodies. — at Blk 154, Serangoon North Ave 1.

Hey You! Do you like satay?

94 years old and counting. The old man from my neighbourhood - Serangoon North Avenue 1

Romance on the MRT

Mia, a very happy girl!

Great photo shoot with Fern on Saturday.

The sleeping lotus flower -  Art Science Museum

Old age but happy!


Christophe “Sharky”

Rain is finally back!

Wainting for the rain to stop

Sunrise shadows

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